About Us... & Why Our Masks Are So Good!!

Thomson Family

Hi, my name is Steve, and my family business Dynamic Displays/Fabulous Inflatables (started by my father James) has been making people smile since 1962.

We have been inventing, manufacturing, and servicing giant balloons at major events around the world for almost 60 years “Olympics, World Cup Soccer, Superbowls, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, Large Music Festival, Stage Sets and Movie Props.” Chances are…. You’ve seen our fantastic creations before.

As COVID hit, we found ourselves without the large audiences we are used to performing for. As the world shut down, we saw a need as mask shortages were reported everywhere. Some people had issues with ear fatigue and uncomfortable masks. So…using our expertise in 3-D pattern making, we began to work on a mask design that would be effective, comfortable and customizable.

First, we eliminated as many seams on the breathing area as possible. (As each seam allows more particulates through). We then created room for the nose, and formed a snug fit under the chin to eliminate gaps at the cheeks. We chose a quality, 100% cotton weave fabric with minimal shrinkage that would give a comfortable feel against the skin, resulting in the “Classic Fitted” mask style.

Our masks give a good amount of filtration while not making it hard to breathe.  We added a pocket so customers can add disposable 5-layer filters if they choose, and for those who are wanting maximum filtration, we offer a permanent, sewn in 0.1-micron filter.

We created Maskcott.com to be a customizable mask shop.

-You can choose from 4 different mask styles

-You can choose the over ears straps or the surgical style of overhead straps (both are adjustable)

-You can add filter options

-100’s of prints and fun designs available to choose from

-Personalized faces or logos available

Our Premium Masks are made with Disinfectex™ a polyester material that is coated with an antimicrobial treatment using a unique combination of silver and vesicle technologies making the fabric hygienic for at least 30 gentle washes.  The artwork is printed via dye sublimation on this Disinfectex™ material for the outside of the mask. This fabric won’t stretch or shrink and will provide vibrant colors that won’t fade or peel off in the wash.

Our masks Look NEW after months of regular wear and washing!

As we brainstormed together our creative team began developing a bunch of super fun designs and the options grew from there. Customizing logos, names and personal faces on masks etc.

We thought if people need these and governments are mandating them, lets make them fun and appealing for the wearer and those interacting with them.

So now, we are still making people smile. We are just covering them 😉, and giving folks other fun ways to express themselves. Thanks for checking us out!


Stephen Thomson