One mask, two masks… Three?
How many layers?

As we tested different products in the marketplace, we have found there is a huge difference in mask quality and effectiveness. Number of layers is too simplistic – the quality, weave, and type of the fabric makes the true difference.

We tested a four layer mask that was less effective than our two layer mask.

The question should be, "What is your objective?" Are you looking for breathability? Are you looking for maximum filtration? Please see our filtration options for a better understanding.

Our Premium Masks are made with Disinfectex™ a polyester material that is coated with an antimicrobial treatment using a unique combination of silver and vesicle technologies making the fabric hygienic for at least 30 gentle washes.

PM 2.5 (5 Layer) Charcoal Filter

Sewn In - Premium 0.1 Micron Filter

Do your masks have a wire nose bridge?

Yes and no. The Budget masks made in China do…. However, we have designed our premium and economy masks that are made in North America, to fit snuggly around the nose to eliminate the need for the wire. While fog on glasses can’t be eliminated completely, we have heard from many Customers how comfortable our masks are and how many don’t have the fogging issues from our mask design.

Do you sell masks for kids or children?

Yes, we offer 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large for all ages.  Please see our measuring chart below for assistance.

What size mask should I purchase?

Please see our measuring chart below for assistance.

Sizing Guide

Are your masks medical-grade?

No. While we use an anti-bacterial fabric and quality cottons to maximize the benefit to our customers.  We make no claims about the effectiveness of our masks medically or otherwise.

Are your masks washable?

Yes, and they maintain their vibrant colors and new appearance, even after months of continued washes. The artwork is printed via dye sublimation on this Disinfectex™ material for the outside of the mask. This fabric won’t stretch or shrink and will provide vibrant colors that won’t fade or peel off in the wash.

Do you have clear masks for the hearing impaired?

Yes, we make a mask with a large clear panel so you can read lips, see a smile, or just plain be recognized.

Do you have a mask for people with hearing aids or head coverings?

Yes. Our over the head strap option is great for people with sensitive ears or hearing aids.  It is also ideal solution for people with head coverings that cover their ears.

How much do your masks cost?

Our Budget masks (Made in China):  From $4.50

Our Economy masks (Made in North America):  From $8.50

Premium masks:  From $15.00

When will my order be shipped?

Economy and Budget masks can be shipped the next day.

Premium masks one to two weeks from the order. All premium masks are printed and made to order.

How can I track my order?

USA standard shipping is USPS First Class package which does give a tracking number which is sent to you in a shipping notification.

I would like to order a lot of masks.  Can you offer me bulk pricing or discounts?

Yes, we can handle orders from tens and hundreds to hundreds of thousands! Please contact steve@maskcott.com for assistance!

Do you sell wholesale to stores?

Yes, please contact steve@maskcott.com for assistance.